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What is a Reformed Baptist Church? Article 1

What is a Reformed Baptist Church? Article 2

What is a Reformed Baptist Church? Article 3

Why Baptist?

A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism

Contra the Covenant Argument for PaedoBaptism

John Owen on the Covenants

Diagram of the Historic Baptist view of the Covenants A4 downloadable file.

A Reformed Baptist Statement of Faith

A "Reforming" Booklist

Reformed Links  inc -3 Covenant Lectures on Baptist CT

What “Council of Jerusalem”? (Acts 15)

Reformed Baptist Systematic Theologies

The End Times Table

A Normative Principle

Article on Pioneering – Church Planting.

Worship in Spirit and Truth.  

What the Bible says about Sexuality

AUDIO Files (MP3)

Christian Hedonism: is it right?  [Takes 2 minutes to buffer before streaming]

Revelation 20 Part 1 Part 2 47 minutes total (1 minute overlap)

Interpreting Scripture 5MB file 16bps

The Interpretation Downgrade Critique of New Evangelical Principles

The Contrast of the Covenants 1 (zipped MP3 file for Download 8.4MB)

The Contrast of the Covenants 2 (zipped MP3 file for Download 7.2MB)

The Contrast of the Covenants 3 (zipped MP3 file for Download 12.2MB)


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Doctrinal stance [to save time figuring it out!]: This personal site is maintained along the lines implied by the following shorthand labels:  Strictly Reformed, Calvinist, Baptist, Conservative, Evangelical, Amillenial, Independent, Cessationist, Creationist, plenary inspiration and literal inerrancy of scripture (as originally delivered).  Sometimes the labels are helpful, sometimes they are misunderstood and divisive, hopefully they let everyone know what to expect, and I would hope to be able to make a Biblical case in defence of each view. So, seeking like-minded believers, welcome to this site!

The historic bases of a number of Christian Denominational Churches are worthy, God-centred, theologically rigorous documents: eg the Westminster Confession. But, sadly, the exists a widening gulf between these formal principles and the current practice of the denominations. This renders the documents all but meaningless unless read as “the case for the prosecution”.

"Reformed Baptist" is not a denomination, but a description of an independent local church, supported by its congregation, governed by its pastor and officers under Christ, and adhering to the Scriptures and a Reformed statement of faith (as a summary of major doctrinal distinctives, never as a replacement for scripture). The pastor is the undershepherd of the church under the Lord Jesus Christ and is accountable to the Lord, the church officers and the congregation for his discharge of his calling. A local church will be self-contained under God -His provision supplying all their needs for resources and gifts.

A Reformed Baptist Church cannot be (without misrepresenting the name) ecumenical, charismatic, liberal, arminian or hyper-calvinist.

The three “What is a Reformed Baptist Church?” articles give independent coherent accounts of these distinctives by pastors of Reformed Baptist Churches. The first is by Pastor Jim Savastio of Louisville, Kentucky; the second by Pastor William Payne of Burlington, Ontario; and the third by Dr Poh Boon Sing (Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur) and Rev Earl M Blackburn of La Mirada, California.

The remainder of the links on the site are helpful articles supporting the Reformed Baptist doctrinal position.


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